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God's Bridge Secondary school located at Lugombo village , Rungwe District in Mbeya Region Southern Highlands of Tanzania Mainland. The School is registered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational training by Registration no S.4344. Our first form one started on January 2011

Getting To God's Bridge Secondary School

God's Bridge Secondary School is located at Lugombo village, Tukuyu, Mbeya region, United Republic of Tanzania. The village in which the school is located is about 6 km just off Mbeya to Kyela Highway to Tanzania - Malawi boarder. From KKK heading towards Kiwira Prison College or an area called "Daraja la Mungu" (God's Bridge) where water eroded the rock and created the pass underneath the rock decades ago as you can see from the photo. The school is situated along the road. The surrounding area is currently sparsely populated with a potential of being highly populated in the next ten years once water facilities and reliable road network are availed.

Students Registration

We accept and register students of all kinds regardless of race, sex, religion and educational background. Students from ordinary pre-school Kiswahili medium schools are accepted. Registration is done at the School (within God's Bridge Secondary School) after submitting an application.